Ubuntu Multimedia usw

Volker Eckert veckert at gmx.net
Fr Nov 25 10:15:52 CET 2005

Hallo Lugravtuxe,

ich bin auf ein script gestossen welches einem nach der 
Grundinstallation doch erheblich Arbeit sparen kann.
Auf der Webseite am Ende des Artikels, welcher sehr genau den gebrauch 
beschreibt, liegt das gepackte Script. Die Auswahl der Tools, Treiber 
und Programme geht sehr bequem via Maus.
für den Überblick paste ich mal die Beschreibung.
Viel Spass damit !

Gruß Ecki


This is a graphical interface for installation of a lot of apps on 
*UBUNTU BREEZY (DOES NOT WORK ON Warty, Hoary or Dapper)* and for 
tweaking a few things to get your Ubuntu box up and working in full 
throttle in the quickest possible timespan.

*a)* Shoots up gnome-terminal for full debug info (giving u a good idea 
about the status of your download , changes being made to your system, etc)
*b)* deletes all downloaded files (except those downloaded by apt-get) 
automatically after installation.*
c) automatix does not overwrite anything without making a 
date_and_time_based backup.*
d) When u install a new version of automatix, it automatically 
uninstalls and replaces the last version.*

*Automatix 3.4.4 is a stable version*. I will not be adding any new 
functionality to automatix in the near future (of course *firefox 1.5 
final version and gaim 2.0* being exceptions). I will however be 
releasing bugfix versions if and when needed. Hope u all enjoy automatix 
and ubuntu as such. :)

*Please note: Options 29 to 34 require manual intervention and clicking 
and hence have been taken to the end. The first 28 options install 
without any user input.*
Please note: To remove quite a few of the options installed by 
automatix, visit the following thread:

*Please note: Automatix makes u set your ROOT password the first time u 
install it(I had to do this cuz some things just refuse to work with 
/sudo/ and hence have to be forced to work with /su/). Wherever, u need 
your ROOT password while running automatix, terminal will say so. Where 
it doesnt ask, just enter your USER password.*

*_Where to find it_:*
Attached (look at the *bottom left corner* of this post just below the 
thumbail) is a zipped file.

1) Installs multimedia codecs
2) Installs all Firefox plugins (java, flash, etc) (except Adobe reader 
and mplayer)
3) Installs RAR, ACE and UNRAR archive support
4) Installs skype
5) Installs Acrobat reader 7 and firefox plugin for the same.
6) Installs Gnomebaker (CD/DVD burning s/w for GNOME)
7) Installs gftp (FTP client for GNOME with ssh capability)
8) Installs DC++ , amule and Limewire (file sharing progs)
9) Installs multimedia editors (Audacity (audio), Kino (video), EasyTag 
10) Installs DVD (dvdrip) ripper
11) Installs Mplayer and mplayerplug-in version 3.05 for Firefox
12) Installs totem-xine, VLC and Beep Media Player (with docklet)
13) Installs Opera Browser
14) Installs Debian Menu (shows all installed applications) (*this kills 
and restarts your gnome-panel without warning u!*)
15) Installs Bittornado and *Azureus* (Bittorrent clients)
16) Installs Avidemux (Video editing tool)
17) Enables Numlock on (turns numlock on Gnome startup)
18) Installs Programming Tools (Anjuta (C/C++ IDE), Bluefish (HTML 
editor) and Screem (Web Development Env.))
19) Install GnomePPP (Graphical Dial up connection tool)
20) Installs MS true type fonts
21) Configures ctrl-alt-del to start gnome-system-monitor (/aka/ windows)
22) Installs Streamripper and Streamtuner
23) Installs NON-FREE audio and dvd codecs
24) Installs ndisgtk (WiFi configurator Graphical user interface)
25) Upgrades Open Office to 2.0 (final version), installs openoffice 
clipart and installs OO2 thumbnailer. (*no support for AMD64 and ppc 
26) Adds 3 nautilus scripts (open any file with gedit as root; open a 
nautilus window as root in any folder; open gnome search tool in any 
folder (Right click in a nautilus window and look under "scripts")
27) Installs SUN'S JAVA JRE and JDK version 1.5
28) Installs wine *(u need to run /winecfg/ manually after installation)*
29*) Installs firestarter (GNOME firewall frontend) and adds firestarter 
to GNOME startup
30*) installs gdesklets (GNOME eyecandy) and adds gdesklets to GNOME startup
31*) Gamepads (Makes USB gamepads work)
32*) Turns DMA ON on Intel and AMD machines *(needs a restart)*
33*) NVIDIA cards (Detects Nvidia cards and installs drivers) *(Needs a 
34*) Adds midi capability to your Ubuntu box *(test by playing a midi 
file with timidity or pmidi from terminal)*